Bridge View & Challenger
Day Schools
6935 W. Touhy Ave, Niles, IL 60714
Clinical Program
Treatment Philosophy
​Bridge View and Challenger’s clinical staff utilize various treatment approaches aimed at developing interpersonal skills, self-awareness, emotional regulation, and a realistic view of their own inner strength and potential.  Individualized interventions are aimed at expanding their own understanding of their life story to include their strength, resilience, and abilities to more successfully navigate problem areas in their life.  Consistent natural and logical consequences are implemented throughout their experience, thereby decreasing negative behaviors, increasing positive approaches, and ultimately internalizing both in a meaningful and sustainable way.  Bridge View and Challenger clinical staff work with both the student and their families to not only understand their own individual and familial dynamics, but also to create change that leads to improved life satisfaction and emotional health.

Individual Therapy
Each student is assigned a therapist with sessions during the week in accordance with the students' needs. Individual therapy is designed to help students achieve their optimal functioning by utilizing healthy and adaptive strategies to overcome emotional, neurological and organic limitations in order to facilitate a successful educational experience as well as a productive and independent life.

Group Therapy
Each student attends weekly group therapy sessions in order to provide them with an opportunity to develop both the problem solving and the social skills needed for interpersonal success at school, home and the community.

Family Therapy
Weekly family therapy sessions are designed to provide emotional support and skill development to parents to enhance the development of a stable home environment and provide consistency between school and home.

Yoga Therapy
Weekly Yoga therapy sessions are designed to guide our students to utilize techniques that help achieve internal calmness, positive self-management and hope; yoga stretches, mindful breathing, meditation and guided imagery are practiced during each session.

Additional Services
• 24 hour / 7 days a week, crisis hotline
• Interim Diagnostic Placements
• Nursing/Medical Monitoring
• Psychiatric Consultation