Bridge View & Challenger
Day Schools
6935 W. Touhy Ave, Niles, IL 60714


Bridge View Day School was established in 1985 and Challenger Day School in 1989.
Both programs are Illinois State Board of Education approved co-educational day treatment programs for students 7-21 years old exhibiting emotional and learning disabilities, other health impairments, and autistic spectrum.

The therapeutic milieu is highly structured and supportive in order to provide an emotionally and physically safe environment in which to learn.  The academic program is individualized to address the diverse instructional needs of our students.  The integration of our academic and therapeutic programs afford students the opportunity to develop overall positive academic and social emotional functioning.

Mission Statement
Bridge View and Challenger Day Schools mission is to provide services to students such that they can participate in their academic and social environments in healthy and productive ways that lead to feelings of success and competency.  The aim of the program is twofold:  To educate the student utilizing individualized approaches that take into consideration learning styles and abilities, and to address and improve both emotional and social development which will ultimately help them be successful in both their academic and social environments.  To achieve this end, the school atmosphere is structured as a reality-based therapeutic milieu with a wide spectrum of comprehensive services.  The classroom environment is structured in such a way that therapeutic change is effected by providing students with a nurturing and consistent environment with full therapy support.